Boolberry (BBR) FAQ & Guide

Creating a Bool Berry Address and Mining

Step 1: Run The Bool Berry Deamon and Go To Wallet in the Top Right Corner

Step 2: Click On "Open Wallet"

Step 3: Select The Location You Saved Your Wallet, And The Wallet File

Step 4: Enter your wallet password, Click Ok and let Your Wallet Sync

Step 5:
  • Open a Web Browser
  • Go To an Exchange,
    In This Example We Will Use as Boolberry is currently listed there

Step 6:
  • Create an Account, and Login, to the Currency Exchange Site
  • This Tutorial will Only cover BTC-Alpha, All Exchange's are a little different but the Premis of Exchanging One Currency for another is the goal. In this case we will be Tradeing/Exchanging Our BBR for BTC

Step 7:
  • Click Your User at the Top Right, and Go To the "Finance" Option

Step 8:
  • In the Finance Page Search for BBR in the Search Bar At the Top
  • Once your find Boolberry, Click "Deposit BBR" to the right

Step 9:
  • Your Given a Boolberry address that you can send coins too.
  • This is how we will fund an accounts finances, on the exchange.
  • Copy (CTRL+C) the BBR Address (In Red Bubble)
    Take Note of any information the exchange tells your (Orange Bubble) E.i Min/Max Deposits

Step 10 : Back in the Boolberry Coin Daemon...
  • Paste your Exchange Address into the Address Field, Within the Area Marked "Send Payment"
  • Type In How Much BBR To Send
  • Click "Send"

Step 11 : Payments Sents to an Exchange are not Instant!
  • They must be confirmed on the Network First
  • Pending or Confirmed Payments, Show up on the Deposit Screen, Below Where you got your address.

Step 12 : Sell Your Boolberry...
  • At the Top Area of BTC-Alpha, Click the "Exchange" Tab
  • On The Left Side, Click the "BTC" Market Tab, this selects the Bitcoin/Altcoin Market
  • On The Left Side, Find BBR and Click on it to select the BTC/BBR Market
  • Finally, Locate the "Sell BBR Window" in the bottom middle of the exchange screen.
    • Type in the amount of coins to sell...
    • At what price to sell them...
    • and the website will auto-populate the Total BTC that will be generated from the sale.
  • Once Satisfied. Click the "Sell" Button To Submit an Order.

Step 11 : Understand that your are submitting an order to sell. It is not an Instant Sale.

Market's Fluctuate and Crypto Move's fast.
  • If you Submit an Order at an asking price too high it may never sell
  • Or, To low, your loosing out.

Step 12 : Once your Order has been Processed and Sold. You can buy other alt coins, or Find Some Where to Sell your Bitcoin for Real (Fiat) Currancy, I.E USD, Canadian Dollars, Euro, like Quadrix

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