Boolberry Wallet Guide

Creating a Bool Berry Address and Mining

Step 1: Download & Install the Boolberry Core Wallet For your Operating System
  • The Links on Seem to be old. at the time of writing the guide Sept/2018
  • Updated Boolberry Deamons Can Be Found Here on CyrptoZoidbergs GitHub : BoolBerry Releases Page
  • A Direct Link to the Winx64 Installer Is Here

Step 2 : Run the Boolberry Coin Deamon and Let the Wallet Synchronize

Step 3a : Click on Wallet at the Top Right of the Coin Deamon.

Step 3b : Click on "Generate new Wallet"

Step 3c : Name the Wallet File And Save it Some Where Safe

Step 3d : Write Down Your Wallet Seed on Paper
  • You will need this to recover your wallet. Keep this in a safe...

Step 4 : Highlight and Copy Your Boolberry Address (CTRL + C)

Step 5a : Open Hash.Group Easy Mining and Select your Video Card!

Step 5b : Select BBR On the Left Side

Step 5c : Paste (CTRL + V) Your Bool Berry Address Into Hash.Group Mining Software

Step 6 : Start!

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