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MINTME- BitTube Pool is Online
TUBE- BitTube Pool is Online
BCH - Bitcoin Cash Daemon Updated
ZANO- Zano Pool is Running and in preliminary testing
BBR - Bool Berry Pool is Up and Running!
BTC - BTC Pool is Live.
LTC - LTC Pool is Live
DGB - DGB Scrypt Pool is Live
DGB - DGB Skein Pool is Live
ZEC - ZCash Pool is Live
XVG - VERGE Pool is Live (Groestl Aglo)
BCH - Bitcoin Cash Pool is Live
DGB - Digibyte Qubit Pool is Live (Qubit Algo)
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Symbol Coin Algo Address Port HashRate AMD nVidia
BBR Boolberry Wild-Keccak 6000 NaN
BTC BitCoin SHA-256d 50000 NaN
BCH BitCoin Cash SHA-256d 50010 NaN
DGB Digibyte Scrypt 50101 NaN
DGB Digibyte Skein 50102 NaN
DGB Digibyte Qubit 50103 NaN
LTC LiteCoin Scrypt 50400 NaN
MINT.ME Mint Me Coin webchain 50300 NaN
XVG Verge Groestl 50600 NaN
ZANO Zano Equihash 17171 NaN
ZEC Z Cash Equihash 50800 NaN

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