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[03-18-2018] - Hash.Group Easy Miner Update - Custom Pools! - Download Here

[02-21-2018] - LiteCoin Cash Pool Live! Happy Mining!
[02-19-2018] - Hash Group Easy Miner Is Available To Download! - 2 Step Mining! - Download Here
[02-14-2018] - ZEC Pool Live
[02-13-2018] - ZCL Pool Live
[01-17-2018] - ETH Pool Has Synced, and is Live!
[01-11-2018] - Boolberry Network Disruption - Pool Will Resume With network
[12-30-2017] - BBR and ETC Pool Re-opened!
[12-25-2017] - hash.group Multi-pool Official Launch!
      Supporting: BCH, BTC, DGB, EMC2, FTC, GRS, LTC
      More To Come!
      All Pools Always 0.5% Fee, Lowest Online!
      Happy Holidays!
[12-22-2017] - hash.group Server maintenance and re-location complete
[12-15-2017] - Temporarily Closed BBR pool.
[12-01-2017] - Massive Website Overhaul and starting to bring up more pools over December.
[10-18-2017] - Boolberry pool updated with latest daemon - Transaction Verification Support
[05-03-2017] - Boolberry pool updated with latest daemon

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